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Bid Process > Evaluation, Award, Performance and Payment

  • Evaluation:
    During the period of evaluation and prior to award, possession of bids and accompanying information is limited to the University personnel involved in the evaluation process. At the discretion of the appropriate buyer, vendors may be contacted where clarification of a proposal is necessary for proper evaluation; however, in doing so, no change is permitted in prices.

    Being the "low bidder" does not necessarily mean that an award will be made to that vendor. The purpose of the evaluation process is to determine the lowest responsive and responsible bidder, taking into consideration selection criteria in the RFQ/RFP and the factors spelled out by procedure and statute

  • Factors Determining Award:
    Some factors considered in addition to price are quality, adherence to specifications, delivery, service, warranty, and other factors depending on the intended use of the goods and services required.

    The University reserves the right to waive technicalities or minor discrepancies in any bid, if in its judgment and without any prejudice to any rights of other responsive bidders, the best interest of the University would be served.

    The University reserves the right to make awards by item, groups of items or total bid, whichever it deems is in the best interest of the University. The University may also reject any bid, in whole or in part, or reject all bids if it determines that the lowest bid exceeds the funds available for purchase, or if the lowest bid is considered in excess of current reasonable market prices.

  • Award:
    After completion of the evaluation process, recommendations for the award of equipment, supplies, and materials are reviewed with the department before an award is made.
  • Receipt of a Purchase Order:
    Shipment of goods should not be made until receipt of the official University purchase order that gives shipping and billing instructions. Substitution of items specified in a purchase order are not permitted without the expressed written permission of the Purchasing Department

  • Review of Awards:
    After a contract award, unsuccessful bidders can obtain the name of the successful bidder, price, and similar basic information through written or telephone request or refer to Bid Information to view the award table. Purchasing Department employees are not required or encouraged to provide tabulations by phone.

    Requests for more detailed information can be obtained by written request or by visiting the Purchasing Department by appointment to review the bid file during normal business hours. Vendors are encouraged to review bid files since much valuable information can be obtained that may be useful in future bidding situations. Photocopies are available for $0.10/page.

  • Bid Rejection:
    Any bid which does not meet, or substantially alters the specifications, bid terms or conditions of a proposal may be rejected in whole or part. The University reserves the right to reject any or all bids in order that the best interests of the University will be served.

    Errors, alterations, or corrections on both the original and copy of the bid proposal must be initialed by the person signing the bid proposal or the authorized designee. This includes erasures, alterations or corrections to unit price, total price, quantity, unit and description of goods and services. Failure to do so will result in rejection of the bid for the applicable item or items.

  • Other factors that are cause for rejection of a bid:
    * Bid is received after the time and date specified for opening.
    * Bid did not include descriptive or technical literature, specifications or samples if required in the bid proposal.
    * Bidder fails to furnish bid surety if required in the bid proposal.
    * Other determinations which, in the judgment of the Director of Purchasing, render the bid as non-responsive.

  • Invoicing and Payment:
    Unless otherwise stipulated on the purchase order or contract, all invoices should be submitted directly to the Accounts Payable Department. Ohio sales and use tax is not applicable. Payment may be delayed if invoices do not reference a University Purchase Order number.

    Complaints to Vendors: University departments are encouraged to directly contact vendors in an effort to resolve any dissatisfaction with product, warranty, or service performance. When problems are not resolved to the user's satisfaction, departments are encouraged to contact the University Purchasing Department for assistance. The University Purchasing Department then forwards the complaint to the vendor. A vendor receiving the complaint is urged to act immediately to resolve the complaint.