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Bid Process > Bidding Standards

  • Bonding:
    The University does not normally require bid bonds. Performance bonds, however, may be called for with or without expense to the University. Alternative bonding methods may also be provided. Otherwise, in the case of default of the contractor, the University may procure the articles or services from other sources and hold the contractor responsible for excess costs incurred.
  • Communication with Vendors in the RFQ or RFP Process:
    In order to achieve fair and equitable competition and to maintain the integrity of the purchasing process, vendor discussions with University personnel concerning an RFQ or RFP request must be coordinated through the Purchasing Department. A vendor's failure to coordinate its discussions through the Purchasing Department may, at the University's sole discretion, disqualify the vendor's quotation or proposal.
  • Delivery:
    Bids will be received at the address cited in the RFQ/RFP on or before the date and time specified. A bid will not be considered for evaluation if delivered after the specified time. It is the vendor's responsibility to make sure that the bid is submitted on time and to the proper location.
  • Pre-Bid Conferences/Site Inspections:
    When the solicitation documents stipulates a mandatory conference or site inspection, interested vendors must attend the conference or site visit at the specified place, time, and date or their bids will be automatically rejected. Such requirements are intended to supply vendors with the valuable information or visual inspection that the University deems to be an essential element for ensuring the completeness and responsiveness of a bid.
  • Price Alterations or Withdrawal of Bid Prior to Bid Opening:
    Any price corrections on bids should be individually initialed in ink. Price corrections may only be made or a bid may only be withdrawn prior to opening. In order to make corrections or withdraw a bid, proper identification must be presented. For those bids requiring prices lists, product literature or other information, such material must be provided in accordance with the instructions outlined in the RFQ/RFP.
  • Questions about the RFQ/RFP:
    If you have any questions prior to submitting a bid, contact the buyer whose name and telephone number is on each RFQ/RFP. Once the bid opening has occurred, no changes by the vendor will be permitted.
  • Requirements:
    Each responding vendor is responsible for carefully reading the RFQ/RFP and understanding its contents. Vendors who have previously submitted bids for the same commodity or service should not presume that the specifications, terms and conditions are necessarily the same. There may be differences that would only be realized after carefully reading the entire bid document. Any questions related to the bid should be directed to the buyer named in the solicitation document.
  • Responding to RFQs/RFPs:
    The Request for Quotations (RFQ) or Request for Proposals (RFP) provides all the necessary instructions and a complete description of the requirement(s), with specifications, terms and conditions to enable the preparation of a bid.
  • Responsibility of Bidders:
    Prospective suppliers should be financially sound and able to perform fully, according to the specifications, delivery requirements, services and other stipulations in the RFQ/RFP at the price(s) offered. In cases where the awarded contractor refuses to comply with the resultant contract, the University reserves the right to purchase on the open market and charge the contractor for any excess costs incurred.
  • Signature:
    All solicitation documents must be properly signed and executed in the designated place(s). Signatures in ink are a requirement to properly execute the bid. Failure to properly execute a bid may result in the bid not being considered for award.
  • Terms and Conditions:
    All solicitation documents are subject to the specified terms and conditions. Please read these terms and conditions carefully. The inclusion of any other terms and conditions by the vendor will be considered as an alternate, subject to the University's acceptance or rejection. Terms and conditions included as part of published price lists, catalogs, and other documents submitted as a part of the bid response are considered to be waived and will have no effect either on the bid, or any contract which may be awarded. The bidder specifically agrees to the terms and conditions specified in the RFQ/RFP by signing the University bid document unless exception is taken in writing within the time-frame specified.