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Training is an intricate part of using and understanding the Financials System. Receiving proper instruction and a navigational comprehension of the Financial System will ensure the integrity of Purchasing’s policy and expedite the procurement process.

Training is required for anyone who is requesting Delegated Buyer or Requisitioner access in the Financials system. To supplement the online courses, there is a two-hour Purchasing Experience session each month providing an opportunity for hands-on learning.

To be granted access as a Delegated Buyer, you must attend a Purchasing Experience session and pass the Final Assessment that includes problems to solve based on typical day-to-day assignments. Click here to view Sample Final Assessment

For a schedule and description of available courses, please see the Office of Information Technology’s HR and Financials Training Schedule. Self-registration is available at OIT’s training schedule, be certain to take note of the referenced prerequisites for the courses.

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