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Supplier Search Guide

Before submitting a request to ‘add’ or ‘change’ a vendor, search the Financials System using the following guide for more effective search results:

  • Refer to standard abbreviations and name conventions that are used in the Financials System (see below)
  • Utilize the “wildcard” search feature – select a key word or partial name from the full vendor name and embed the term between % symbols (i.e., %holiday%).
Naming Conventions Type Format Description Example
Individuals Enter Last Name, First Name SMITH,JOHN
Do not use titles (prefix or suffix) Mr., Ms., DVM, DDS, PhD
Hotel/Motels & Franchises Use embedded search techniques %HOLIDAY% for Holiday Inn
Universities/Colleges/Departments Enter abbreviated text UNIV OF FLORIDA
Initials preceding vendor names Include with no spaces AB BRUTUS
Vendor name is Acronym Use full name FEDEX = FEDERAL EXPRESS
"The" (Preceding Name) Remove all Exceptions: The Limited
Punctuation Do not use periods or commas Exceptions: & and hyphens

Abbreviations for Standard Terms
ACAD = Academy AMER = American ASSOC = Associates
ASSN = Association CO = Company INC = Incorporated
INST = Institute INTL = International LTD = Limited
MFG = Manufacturing NATL = National SOC = Society
US = United States UNIV = University UNLTD = Unlimited